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About our Faculty

"Quo Vadis has given our Homeschool Family the balance we really needed. We love the opportunity to try the really great classes they are continually focused on improving. We love that our children can continue to develop their equestrian skills and love for horses. My daughter has had the opportunity to greatly improve and master some of her skills as a violinist, as Mrs. Jones is an amazing Violin Teacher who teaches and plays like no other. Our children love their Karate class and learning so much from Mrs. Booth."

"My children have loved all their classes take at Quo Vadis. From DaVinci's Designs with Mrs. Lyons, Math Pentathlon with Mrs. Lukomski, their Exploration Through Experiments classes, Archeology, Culinary Expressions, Coding, Archery, Horsemanship and Mrs. Jones' incredible violin class. Thank you for being the one place my children and I feel we fit, we know you care and we love Quo Vadis!!"

“ I like the Q.V. Karate and Horsemanship classes the most. The staff is really nice and helpful. The kids are laid-back and easy to get along with.”

About our Staff

"Mrs. Martin works very hard to find programs and provide opportunities that really matter and make a difference in our children’s lives, as well as our overall Homeschool Family life. She really cares, and wants our children and families to be happy. She cares about being that missing piece most Homeschool Families need. She is receptive to our input and feedback. Always willing to listen to us in order to improve the partnership and make it the most positive experience possible. My children and I love her and the patient, loving way she communicates with everyone and for the opportunities she has made possible for us. My children love what they are learning from these classes. I didn’t even realize how much of a difference this program would have on our family"

"My children would tell anyone that they love their classes, their friends, and that every week we all look forward to our day at Quo Vadis. We have found our balance, happiness, and place because of you Mrs. Martin. Your sacrifice, passion and desire to help our family and other Homeschool Families has really made a positive impact in our lives and is very much reflected in Quo Vadis. We love you, thank you, and pray we can continue our relationship for many years to come." 


"My family so often would feel like a square being forced into a circle hole in society. We wanted change; we desperately needed change to make our Homeschooling a positive, happy experience overall in our lives. This program makes that possible for us!"

About our Program

"I found Quo Vadis through Oxford Virtual Academy and from day 1, Susan has helped us feel welcome and accepted. The process of registering was easy and straightforward. My 2 sons (age 8 and 11) have enjoyed a wide variety of classes from Horsemanship to Tae Kwon Do to Video Game Design. Quo Vadis has made our first year of homeschooling fun and enriching!"

"Quo Vadis is a great program for any homeschool kids/families.  I was looking for programs that would be more versatile and entertaining for my children since their homeschool life did not provide that opportunity.  I loved the array of programs offered and the fact that
they also had a PK/K program as well.   The program offers qualified teachers who are enthusiastic & professional.  The families are
diverse and the kids are structured in smaller classrooms and receive the attention they need.  My son loved the PK/K teacher.  She was very
loving and caring to the kids.  My daughter took part in Robotics, Karate, Art, & Violin."


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