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Mi Homeschool Hybrid


Wondering where your kiddo is at in math or reading? Have them take one or more of the following placement tests!

Level K - 4  Reading Assessment

Level K - 3  Math Placement Test

Level 4 - 8  Algebra 1/2 Placement Test

Algebra 1  Placement Test

Algebra 2 Placement Test


Looking for some more information about the Bookshark Language Arts curriculum?

Check out the links below!

About Bookshark

3 Week Samples

Scope and Sequence


3 Common Misconceptions

One of the wonderful things about QV Fusion is that our Language Arts classes are set up by Levels using a combination of age groupings and grade, this allows us to tailor your curriculum to meet the specific needs of your child, and reduce the time it takes for you to teach across multiple grades. Perhaps you have an advanced reader, but they struggle with the comprehension and mechanics of Language Arts. Not a problem, we will get your student placed at the appropriate level.


To see what materials will be included in your curriculum click the links below.

Level 10/J  and our custom 11th grade Lang. Arts curriculum are also available for our HS Students.

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