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  • How much do the elective classes cost?
    Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) provides funding for 4.5 classes. This means you can get 4 classes fully funded (additional fees do apply to some classes for Part-Time families) and a 5th class partially funded giving you a huge savings! Class fees vary by class, resource requirements as well as instructor fees, but most range from $200-$500 per semester if they are not being funded by OVA.
  • Are there any volunteer requirements?
    Yes, in order to keep our costs down for our families we do require 6 service hours per semester/per family. This may include door monitor, hall monitor or lunch monitor. Occasionally we may need a classroom aide. If you cannot provide service hours we do require an Opt-Out fee of $150 per semester you are unable to fulfill these required hours.
  • If I wanted to Self-Pay, how much would that cost?"
    By enrolling in our electives only, your student would have $75 Welcome Package fee for the year and then you would pay for each class individually (which would be between $200-$500 per class/semester). Fusion Families would have the $75 Welcome Package fee per student and $1200 per core course taken.
  • Who provides the grades and transcripts?
    OVA provides the grades and transcripts if you are enrolled with them for funding. If you are a self-pay student you will keep your own transcripts.
  • Who is eligible to attend?
    We are accepting all students entering grades K-12th. Families that have a student with special needs will need to reach out to our Program Director, Jenni Stec, in order to make sure we have the staff to support the needs of the family.
  • What is included?
    Most classes have all materials covered. In instances where there is a need for the family to purchase something specific it will be listed within the Course Description as well as on the Class List, on the far right hand side of that page. Each course has an online component. This is a comprehensive class that our onsite portion is made to compliment.
  • What is expected of the parents?
    1. Fusion Parents are expected to work with their students every Tuesday and Thursday at home. They will utilize the curriculum provided and complete the assignments outlined on the Assignment Tracker for those days. *Parents are also expected to have their children participate in the online Buzz portion of these classes every week. 2. Elective Only Parents are expected to have their student attend the onsite portion of their class. *Parents are also expected to have their children participate in the online Buzz portion of these classes every week. ALL Parents are expected to either participate in the required Service Hours or to pay the Opt-Out fee per semester.
  • Are there any additional resources that my be helpful to my family?
    An opportunity to socialize and form a community with like minded families is always a wonderful resource to have. Families can remain onsite while their children are in classes to meet up with other parents, in our Family Room, plan activities outside of Quo Vadis and support our onsite community.
  • What requirements are there for my students now that they are Full-Time?
    Students that are receiving full-time funding from OVA are required to partake in state testing and Count Day/Month fulfillment. These students are also required to participate in the online portion of the program.
  • If I need to discuss my child's progress/grades who do I contact?
    If you have concerns or questions regarding the progress or material content, your first point of contact would be the Program Director, Jenni Stec.

Elective  FAQs

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