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Combining the best in education to meet you right where you need us.


What if you could take the best of homeschooling: flexible schedules, tailored curriculum, familiar resources, and fuse it with a developed, Full-Time education?  


Welcome to QV's FUSION Program!  


Utilize a program based on a 4-day school week, where 2 days a week your child attends classes that focus on hands-on activities coupled with social interaction, taught by our instructors. The remaining 2 days you educate your child at home with the curriculum we provide. This provides an extra day for fun electives, outings, or anything else you need to plan during your school week.


Do you struggle with teaching particular subjects, concepts, or simply juggling multiple grade levels? Do you love the idea of your child being home with you, but struggle with having to be Parent and Teacher all the time?  


We have a solution, QV's FUSION!


Nuts and Bolts:

  • Monday and Wednesday - Onsite at our Shelby Twp location with instructor-led classes

  • Tuesday and Thursday - At home with parent-led activities

  • 6 Classes:

    • 4 Core Classes - Math, Science, History, and Language Arts

    • 2 Elective Classes - You get to choose from our onsite Friday offerings or offsite at one of our vendors

  • Tailored Class Placement - Maybe your child is accelerated in Math, but struggles in Language Arts; we have you covered

  • 36 Weeks of Prepared Lesson Plans - takes the guesswork and planning out, so you have the time to focus on what is important

  • Grades and Transcripts provided

  • 6 - Volunteer Hours required by each family per semester. Opt-out is available for a $150 fee.


You've gotten this far and are thinking everything sounds great, but are still wondering,

how are they doing this? What materials are in the curriculum? 

We utilize a literature based curriculum, tailored for homeschoolers and focused on helping your child to be successful.


We are also utilizing other familiar resources in our program:

- Handwriting Without Tears 

- Explode The Code! 

- Saxon Math

- Math-U-See (Geometry & Alg. 2 only)

- Story of the World

- Elemental Science - Classical

- Blackbird & Company

- Saxon Grammar & Writing

- And so much more!


Not only does our program allow for your child to have one-on-one access to a teacher should they have any questions or concerns, but it allows you to be involved and aware of where they are in the material. 

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