K-12th Full-Time & Part-Time Students




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Decide whether you want to enroll your child in our program as a District Funded Student: Full-Time or Part-Time. You can also enroll without district funding on a Self-Pay basis. We also have a lot of families that choose to self-pay for extra classes that district funding does not cover.


Or our successful Fusion hybrid program. To learn more, visit our Fusion Program tab above!

Please note: If your student has ever had an IEP or 504:

Your family will need to contact OVA BEFORE registering with Quo Vadis. These services will be supported by OVA in Oxford, MI.  A copy of these documents will also need to be emailed to registration@quovadishomeschoolers.com. before registering in order for us to make sure we can accommodate your student. Thank you!


OVA-Funded: Students can enroll in partnership classes for core and elective classes. Then to get those classes paid for, they must enroll in Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) as full-time or part-time students. To begin enrollment for funding start with our Registration Tab.

Part-Time: This qualifies your child for up to 4 fully-funded classes and for a limited time, a partially funded 5th class.

Full-Time: This qualifies your child for 6 funded classes. 4 core classes (Math, Science, History and Lang. Arts) are taken online or onsite, Mondays & Wednesdays in our Fusion program. The other 2 are electives* which can be taken at our partnership on Fridays or with one of our QV Vendors. The majority of these classes are fully-funded through the Oxford Community School District.


*Want to take more than the funded number of classes? No problem, additional classes may be purchased by the parents at a reduced rate. See "Combination" below.


Self-Pay: Students enroll in our partnership classes and pay a Per-Student/Per-Class/Semester fee. Your student will still have access to all of the same high-quality class choices as the District Funded students.


Combination: This is an option for students interested in taking more than the 5 funded classes per Part-Time student OR 6 classes as a Full-Time student.

Our Offerings:

Explore our elective course offerings for this Fall/Spring semester. Hover over our "Electives" tab above. Select: Class List and Course Description to find times and details regarding our elective offerings.

Take Note:


It is important to know what our expectations are of your family when registering with us, so please visit our General Policies.