K-12th Full-Time / PreK-12th Part-Time students:

Registration OPENS April 20th. 



Decide whether you want to enroll your child in our program as a District Funded Student - Full-Time or Part-Time, Self-Pay Student, or a Combination enrollment. Or our successful Fusion hybrid program. To learn more visit our Fusion Program tab above!


OVA-Funded: Students can enroll in partnership classes. Then to get those classes paid for, they must enroll in Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) as full-time or part-time students. To begin enrollment for funding click here .


Part-Time: This qualifies your child for up to 4 fully-funded classes, including virtual electives.

Full-Time: This qualifies your child for 6 funded classes.  4 core classes (Math, Science, History and Lang. Arts) are taken online or onsite, Mondays & Wednesdays in our Fusion program. The other 2 are electives which can be taken at our partnership on Fridays or with one of our QV vendors.

The majority of these classes are fully-funded through the Oxford Community School District.


*Want to take more than the funded number of classes? No problem, additional classes may be purchased by the parent.


Self-Pay: Students enroll in our partnership classes and pay a Per-Student/Per-Class/Semester fee. Your student will still have access to all of the same high-quality class choices as the District Funded students.


Combination: This is an option for students interested in taking more than the 4 funded classes per part-time student OR 6 classes as a full-time student.


Look through our Class List  and Course Descriptions to decide which classes you are interested in taking.


Read General Information and Policies. Then submit request for class enrollment(s).  Please note that each student needs to enroll separately.