How much does the Fusion program cost?

While there is no cost for the program if families choose to use the funding through Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA), we do have a $25 registration fee per student. Yep, you read that right! Twenty-five dollars. That is it!

Are there any volunteer requirements?

Yes, in order to keep our costs down for our families we do require 5 service hours per semester/per family. This may include door monitor, hall monitor or lunch monitor. Occasionally we may need a classroom aide.

Do I get to keep all the materials we use throughout the school year?

Our materials are awesome, and intended to be enjoyed by the whole family, but in order for us to keep our costs down, families will be given the corresponding materials as they are needed in the program and will be asked to return them after they are done being used. If something becomes damaged to where we are unable to reuse the item, then the family will be required to replace the item or pay for a new one to be purchased.

By enrolling in the Fusion program, will we be considered Homeschoolers or Public School students?

While QV Fusion is designed to be the perfect blend of a tailored education, your student will be enrolled on a Full-Time basis, as a public school student (if using the funded option) through a partnership between QV Fusion and OVA.

If I wanted to Self-Pay, how much would that cost?

By enrolling in the Fusion program on a self-pay basis your cost would be $4500 with a $25 registration fee per student.

Who provides the grades and transcripts?

OVA provides the grades and transcripts.

Who is eligible to attend?

As this is our 2nd year, we are only accepting students entering grades K-10th into the Fusion program. Each consecutive year we will add the next grade level to ensure your children have a future with us and all the resources that provides.

We are also offering highschool options onsite for those enrolled with OVA as a dual-enrolled student to allow some peer interaction and hands-on participation.

What is included? Will I need to supplement?

Each family is provided an Instructor's Guide (IG). You can get this digitally or a printed version. Within this guide families will have a schedule laid out for them for language arts. All parents will have access to our assignment tracker which outlines what was done in each class along with what is required from the parent at home. All materials and supplies are included for the core classes. This covers 36 weeks worth of content. Some families may have students that need extra practice in certain areas or that may be excelled for their grade. In these instances you may find it helpful to use the "optional" materials that are suggested by BookShark.

Some elective classes do have a small fee.

What is expected of the parents?

Parents are expected to bring their children to class on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as work with their children Tuesdays and Thursdays of the same week to total 4 full school days. Parents are also expected to have their children participate in the online portion of these classes. We offer a computer lab onsite to help students successfully complete the online components during the onsite school day, but any unfininshed work will need to be completed at home with mom/dad/guardian.

If a student misses an onsite class day, it is the parents responsibility to get the student caught up and turn in any missing work. Please understand, our program relies on the mutual partnership we form with our parents. It is vital that parents fulfill their commitments in order for students to be successful.

Are there any additional resources that my be helpful to my family?

A computer lab hour has been worked into each students schedule. This is available for students to get extra help with a subject they may be struggling in as well as to work on their online requirements. OVA teachers will also be available for specific class/subject help. Families can reach out to these teachers any school day to arrange one-on-one help via phone, email, online screen sharing or at any of the OVA labs in Oxford.

What requirements are there for my students now that they are Full-Time?

Students that are receiving full-time funding from OVA are required to partake in state testing and Count Day/Month fulfillment. These students are also required to participate in the online portion of the program.

If I need to discuss my child's progress/grades who do I contact?

The district will be providing the grades for students. If you have concerns or questions regarding the progress or material content within the curriculum, your first point of contact would be the Program Director, Jenni Stec.

Do I choose a "Level" based on my child's grade?

Not necessarily. Levels allow us to tailor classes based on ability rather than birthdate alone. We suggest reading this short article on the 3 Common Misconceptions about BookShark to get a better idea of how the program was designed. Please keep in mind that your child will be a full-time student and specific benchmarks need to be met at each grade level. We have banded our classes so your child's level can be tailored to help with family dynamic and student ability. Please reach out to us if you have any questions/concerns about student placement.

How do I know what Level to choose for my child?

Our best advice is for you to go through our Placements and Assessments on our Fusion - Resources page to get an idea of which level to choose for your child. The list below can also help narrow it down for you: Level 1 (Ages 6-8 or 1st-3rd Grade) - Offered to 1st & 2nd graders this year Level 2 (Ages 7-9 or 2nd-4th Grade) Level 3 (Ages 8-11 or 3rd-6th Grade) - Offered to 3rd & 4th graders this year Level 4 (Ages 9-12 or 4th-7th Grade) Level 5 (Ages 10-13 or 5th-8th Grade) - Offered to 5th & 6th graders this year Level 6 (Ages 11-13 or 6th-8th Grade) Level 7 (Ages 12-14 or 7th-9th Grade) Level 100 (Ages 13-16 or 7th-10th Grade) - Offered to 7th & 8th graders this year If after the assessments you see that your child doesn't seem to fit into the offered levels this year based on grade and assessed level, please reach out to Susan Martin: info@quovadishomeschoolers.com to discuss available options. We are happy to work with you to find the right "fit".