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Rayna Asuncion
QVH Teacher

  Meet Rayna Asuncion, our talented guitar teacher at Quo Vadis.

  Rayna brings her expertise not only from teaching here but also from her work with Music Maker Studio.  With a rich musical background, Rayna was a member of the all-girl band.

  Her passion for music and dedication to teaching shines through in her lessons, inspiring students to reach their full potential in guitar playing.

Stacie Booth
Pro ATA Martial Arts
QVH Teacher

  Stacie is a 4th Degree Black Belt and a certified instructor of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). She has worked as a residential treatment specialist in a group home and has coached boys and girls in soccer and basketball. Stacie has taught language arts in both Junior High and High School for 6 years. She also has experience teaching special education students.

  While being a certified Taekwondo instructor for many years, Stacie has 17 years of training in this martial art form and has her own facility, Pro ATA Martial Arts.  She believes Taekwondo is an effective way to improve fitness and learn self-defense while forming strong life skills and character traits like: Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, Integrity, Honor, Perseverance, Attitude, and Goal Setting. 

diponio pic.jpeg
Mindy DiPonio
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Mindy is a dedicated educator with a background in accounting and a passion for math and science. She holds a degree in Accounting from Davenport University and has always been drawn to numbers and scientific inquiry.

  With two children of her own, she understands the importance of education. Mindy finds joy in teaching students of all ages, but she mainly thrives in teaching advanced high school math and science courses. Her favorite moments in the classroom involve conducting experiments, connecting with her students, and witnessing their success.

  Outside of teaching, Mindy enjoys indulging in her hobbies of reading and listening to music. She takes pride in cheering on her children as they participate in sports and activities, and she loves traveling, especially if it means soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere.

dressell  pic.jpeg
Todd Dressell
Renaissance Fencing Club
QVH Teacher

  Todd graduated from Oakland University in 1990 with a B.A. in Communications.  

  He founded the Renaissance Fencing Club (RFC) in 1997 and has worked as a fencing professional ever since. He guided RFC to its current location in Troy as the largest fencing club in Michigan. 

  In 1999, Todd took on the position of Head Coach for Men’s & Women’s fencing at the University of Detroit Mercy, a Division I NCAA varsity program.  Todd served as head coach for 23 years.  During that time, Todd served on the NCAA Fencing Committee for 2 terms and was chair of the Midwest Fencing Conference. 

  Todd is a professional member of USA Fencing and has earned coaching credentials from the United States Fencing Coaches Association and the USA Fencing Coaches College.

frost pic_edited_edited.jpg
Valerie Frost
QVH Teacher

  Valerie Frost is a dedicated member of our school community. A native Californian and mother of three girls, she brings her passion for nature and animals into the classroom daily.

  With a background as a vet tech, she shares her love for animals and educates her students about the importance of caring for our furry friends.

  Valerie enjoys life's simple pleasures outside of school, from working on a farm to planting a garden and riding horses. She finds joy in fostering animals and believes in the power of hands-on learning experiences.   Valerie's commitment to nurturing a love for nature and instilling empathy in her students makes her an invaluable asset to our school.

fortune pic.jpeg
Ashley Fortune
Fusion Teacher & TOR

  Ashley is a dedicated, certified elementary school teacher passionate about nurturing young minds. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education from Baker College, majoring in English Language Arts and minoring in Early Childhood Education.  With a decade of experience, Ashley has devoted the first ten years of her career to enriching the lives of students at Fraser Public Schools, primarily within a 5th-grade classroom setting. In 2022, she brought her expertise and enthusiasm to QV, where she found fulfillment in the innovative hybrid program.

  Beyond the classroom, Ashley's heart belongs to her cherished family: her two daughters, loving husband, and faithful dog. Family time is precious to Ashley, and they often bond over camping adventures, swimming excursions, bike rides, and explorations of the zoo and local parks. When Ashley finds a moment for herself, she delights in culinary creations, artistic endeavors, and diving into a good book.

Stacey Jackson
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Stacey Jackson received her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Wayne State University. She retains her teaching certificate and has over 14 years of teaching experience, three of which have been at Quo Vadis Homeschoolers.

  Stacey currently teaches middle and high school classes for our Fusion program and elementary classes for our Electives program.

  In her free time, Stacey enjoys spending time with her husband, four kids, and 2 dogs. She enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling. 

Layla Koziara
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Ms. Layla is a Rochester High School graduate pursuing Social Work through online classes. With a profound understanding of alternative education methods and six years of experience immersed in homeschooling alongside her six siblings, Ms. Layla brings a unique perspective to the Quo Vadis school community.

  Ms. Layla is passionate about student engagement and constantly explores innovative approaches to inspire learning.

  Outside the classroom, she is an enthusiastic sports lover, particularly passionate about hockey. 

  Entering her third year at Quo Vadis, Ms. Layla's commitment to creating a supportive and stimulating environment for her students makes her an invaluable team member.

Paula Kulcher
Alex Thomas & Friends

  Paula is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies and also the Art Institute of Pittsburg.

  She has been working in the special effects industry for over 15 years. Paula has been working with Alex Thomas and Friends for the past ten years while also teaching stop-motion animation and puppeteering.

  Paula enjoys fishing with her husband Dennis, nature, and animals.

malczynski pic.jpeg
Renee Małczyński
QVH Teacher

  Renee is a beloved member of our school community. She is a mother of three and grandmother of seven.

  Renee's nurturing spirit extends beyond her family to her passion for arts and crafts. With a lifelong joy for creativity, she loves teaching children various crafting skills. From painting to sculpting, if you can name it, she can create it!

  Outside of school, Renee enjoys thrifting and upcycling her finds, spending quality time with her family, and escaping to her family cottage to ride their ATVs on the outdoor trails.   Her passion for crafting and love for outdoor adventures make her a cherished presence at our school.

Grayce McGuffin
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Grayce is an enthusiastic educator at Quo Vadis with a diverse background in education. In 2019, she earned her Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology from Davenport University. Before joining Quo Vadis in 2023, she gained experience as a public-school substitute teacher.

  Embarking on her homeschooling journey in 2023, Grayce has become an active member of several homeschooling groups in the county. She is passionate about experiential learning and enjoys exploring new places while building meaningful connections.

  Grayce and her husband met in 2002 and are raising five children who share their love for animals and nature. They dream of owning their own farm one day, where they can continue to learn and grow together as a family.


Marcy Mitchell
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Marcy is a certified Kinder Music teacher and mom of three. She has extensive musical knowledge and a passion for art.

  Marcy has been with Quo Vadis for two years and has taught everything from first grade core to music and craft classes. 

  In her free time, you can find Marcy attending concerts and promoting her daughter's band, Dark Eyed Dreamers.   She also loves her menagerie of pets and her dream is to someday have a micro donkey! She worked with 4H for over 5 years and brings with her a huge love for both animals and education. She is an avid reader and loves kids!

piwonski pic.jpg
Peter Piwonski
Music Maker Studios
QVH Teacher

  Peter is the proud owner of Music Maker Studio located in Shelby Township. With a passion for music and teaching, Peter specializes in providing high-quality instruction in piano, guitar, vocal, and bass to students of all ages and skill levels.

  Dedicated to his craft and community, Peter goes above and beyond as both a teacher and a business owner. Every three months, he organizes masterclass events, not only to enhance the skills of his students but also to give back to those in need through charity initiatives.

  With a heart for philanthropy, Peter exemplifies the spirit of generosity and compassion, always striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his commitment to excellence in music education and his unwavering dedication to serving his community, Peter Piwonski stands as a beacon of inspiration and leadership at Music Maker Studio.

Breanne Prais
Fusion Teacher

  Meet Breanne Prais, our passionate middle school science and history teacher at Quo Vadis.

  Breanne is a dedicated mom of three boys and shares her life with her husband, Jason. Together, they own a construction company in Oxford, Michigan.

  Outside of teaching, Breanne is a substitute teacher for Waterford Community Schools, where she enjoys sharing her knowledge with students of all ages.

  In her free time, she loves gardening, hiking in nature, and exploring her interests in science and history. Breanne is also into physical fitness and enjoys staying active. Her love for animals adds an extra dimension to her appreciation for the natural world.   With her enthusiasm for learning and teaching, Breanne inspires her students to explore the world around them and discover their own passions.

Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas & Friends

  Alex is a professional puppeteer and stop-motion animator. He has been touring the midwest for the past decade performing and teaching puppetry.

  Alex earned his BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2009, and worked on several Cartoon Network television shows, films, and commercials animating and building puppets in Los Angeles.

  He moved back home to Michigan and started his own company “Alex Thomas and Friends” with his wife Jessica in 2012.

Jessica Thomas
Alex Thomas & Friends

  Jessica received her BS in Education from Wayne State University in 2009 and taught middle school mathematics for 5 years. She also has experience working with children with special needs and autism from her experience working at Penrickton Center for Blind Children.

  Jessica and her husband Alex, started their own company “Alex Thomas and Friends” in 2012 and have been teaching animation, puppetry, special effects, and more to youth and teens across the midwest.

Stephanie Turner
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Stephanie embarked on her journey to become an educator while participating in her high school’s education programs, where she gained experience teaching preschool and elementary students. Her passion for education persisted as she earned her Associate of Liberal Arts from MCC.  Stephanie continued teaching children of all ages at her church and as a public school substitute teacher.

  As she began homeschooling her own children, Stephanie discovered a deep appreciation for home and hybrid schooling. 

  Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her family, deepening her relationship with the Lord, and exploring her artistic and creative interests. 

  Stephanie's goal is to ensure that every child knows their importance and talents, encouraging them to strive for their best in all endeavors.   She feels blessed to bring her teaching experience and guidance to QV and believes that positively impacting any student’s life is a true blessing.

Michelle Urban
Fusion Teacher

  Michelle, a native of Michigan, holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Wayne State University (2006) and an M.A. in Instructional Technology from Saginaw Valley State University (2012). Married for 17 years, she is a proud mother of three children.

  Michelle is deeply committed to education and has over 15 years of teaching experience across various levels and environments. She has served as a Vacation Bible School instructor and catechist and currently oversees home study catechism at St. Lawrence.

  In 2020, Michelle embarked on her homeschooling journey, educating her own children while also engaging them part-time at QV. Impressed by their experience, her children transitioned to our hybrid Fusion program at QV.

  Beyond teaching, Michelle cherishes family time, retreats to her family’s cabin up north, and enjoys traveling.

Sophia Vrtachnik
Fusion Teacher

  Sophia graduated with a teaching degree from Wayne State University and a Masters of Special Education from Madonna University.

  She has a combined 18 years of public school teaching experience in both Michigan and Virginia.

  In 2020, she began homeschooling her own children, Lucas and Noah.   She feels so blessed to be part of the Quo Vadis community. "It’s a great place to be!"

Angie Warloe
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Angie is a Michigan native and graduated from Ferndale High School. She then moved to Southern California, where in 2015, she graduated with her B.A. Visual Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

  While in California, Angie met the love of her life (a marine) to whom she has been married for 9 years now. They have two sons, both of whom love sports (especially hockey). Angie and her family moved to Michigan in 2020. 

  In her spare time, Angie is a hockey mom/wife, crafter, photographer, and a Shetland Sheepdog enthusiast. She has volunteered for Guide Dogs of America, Leader Dogs For the Blind, and Freedom Dogs.

  Angie's goal for her Quo Vadis students this year is to inspire them to learn something new every day and be the best versions of themselves they can be! 

abbey ross pic.jpg
Abbey Ross
Fusion Teacher

  Introducing Abbey Ross, a graduate of Utica Community Schools currently studying business accounting in college. Abbey's love for animals, especially her cats, is evident in her compassionate nature.

  She excels in working with younger children, assisting them with reading interventions and computer work.

  In addition to her academic pursuits, Abbey is artistic, finding joy in expressing herself through various forms of creativity. 

  Beyond her talents, Abbey's warmth and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among the little ones. Her dedication to helping others and her natural rapport with children make her an invaluable asset to our school community.

jillian pic.jpeg
Jillian Stec
Fusion & QVH Teacher

  Jillian has been our resourceful and dedicated 2nd-grade teacher for four years. As the eldest of six siblings, caring for and teaching children has always come naturally to her.

  Beyond the classroom, Jillian shares her passion for music as a vocal, piano, guitar, and ukulele teacher at Music Maker Studio.

  Outside of her teaching roles, Jillian is a versatile musician, having graduated as an alumna of the OVA program at Quo Vadis, Magna Cum Laude, with academic honors in music and fine arts.

  In her free time you can catch her performing with her band, Set N Stone.  Jillian also enjoys the great outdoors, particularly camping. She dreams of one day living on a ranch with her husband, Logan, and homesteading surrounded by animals!

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