Sandra Barnes is a lifelong lover of the arts and exploring creativity. From a young age, her love for Art has grown from inspiration and instruction from her artist mother. Always exploring and learning various art techniques, Sandra’s real love comes from sharing her passion and knowledge of art with others; encouraging and helping others explore their creativity and garner courage to bring their ideas to life. With a combination of advanced art classes, seminars, workshops, and independent study, Sandra has gained and continues learning to grow her artistic abilities to educate and guide all ages in artistic endeavors.

Sandra Barnes
Erin Birmingham

Erin is a recent graduate of the University of California-San Diego (UCSD). She earned her B.A. International Studies-Political Science, with a Russian language proficiency and a Middle Eastern regional focus. Erin grew up traveling the world, her first job being a Public Diplomacy position at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She enjoys giving back to the community, having helped build houses with Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines, as well as having spearheaded several philanthropic events during her time at UCSD. Erin recently moved to Michigan with four cats! She loves all things history, and is excited to teach a variety of classes. 

Stacie Booth

Stacie is a 4th Degree Black Belt and a certified instructor of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). She has worked as a residential treatment specialist in a group home and has coached boys and girls in soccer and basketball. Stacie has experience teaching language arts in both Junior High and High School for 6 years. She also has experience teaching special education students. While being a certified Taekwondo instructor for five years, Stacie has 17 years of training in this martial art form and has recently opened her own facility, Pro ATA Martial Arts.  She believes Taekwondo is an effective way to improve fitness and learn self-defense while forming strong life skills and character traits like: Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, Integrity, Honor, Perseverance, Attitude and Goal Setting. 

Connor Edwards

Connor is a graduate of the University of California-San Diego. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, with a minor in Global Health. Connor has held two academic internships, the first being for the City Council of Sacramento, and the second with the Consortium of Universities for Global Health based in Washington, D.C. He hopes to someday work in public office, and make a lasting difference in political service. Connor's proudest achievement is his earned status as an Eagle Scout, and he strives to live by and uphold the morals and leadership qualities he learned in scouting. In his spare time, Connor loves to read, critique films, and play saxophone. He has always had a passion for puzzles and making rules, so be sure to check out his Brain Games: Escape Room class!

Catherine received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Oakland University in 1983. In 1987 she went on to receive her Masters in Reading from Michigan State University. She has been an educator for over 30 years. Catherine has experience leading summer camp programs and library classes. In 2016, Catherine branched out as an entrepreneur. She began, TechKnowKids and focuses on being creative and enthusiastic while helping students to learn in an environment that meets both their academic and emotional needs.

Catherine Foster
Owner of TechKnowKids

Jennifer is a mother of 9 children who has homeschooled for the past 11 years. She enjoys working with young people and has had leadership positions for the past 7 years in American Heritage Girls. Jennifer's passion is History. Jennifer has been teaching history in a class setting for the past 5 years.  Helping people to understand the relevance of history and what life was like “back then” is her main goal. She will use any means of getting that knowledge to her students, whether that means showing up in character or playing period games with her students, she has done it all.

Jennifer Freeman
Amina Habib

Amina received her B.S. from Northern Illinois University. She has an endorsement in Language Arts and minored in Spanish. She has held teaching certifications in both Illinois and Michigan for grades K-9th. Before teaching at Quo Vadis, Amina taught in both the Illinois Public School system and Rochester Public Schools. Amina leads our PreK/K program and challenges each student to be the best they can be. She is married with 2 children and has a dog named Cali. She enjoys traveling and inspiring those around her, "I love creating that special spark in a child that enables them to become lifelong learners."

Jennifer has a degree in Child Development and established Windermere Equestrian Center, Inc in 1983. She has always trained students with a hands-on policy. She holds the philosophy that to be a true horseman, you must spend time with the animal on the ground. Students who only ride miss out on the joy, friendship, and connection with the horse which can only be developed through working with horses in all aspects of horsemanship -- stable management, grooming, health care, ground training and riding.

Jennifer Hallman 
Owner of Windermere Equestrian Center

Paula is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies and also the Art Institute of Pittsburg. She has been working in the special effects industry for over 15 years. Paula has been working with Alex Thomas and Friends for the past five years also teaching stop-motion animation and puppeteering. Paula enjoys fishing with her husband Dennis, nature, and animals. 

Paula Kulcher

Maryanne is originally from Australia, and is married with three children Meg, Monica and John who attend Quo Vadis. She loves laughter, people, animals and mathematics and her hobbies include reading, music and traveling.  Maryanne has earned her Bachelor of Information Systems from Australian Catholic University, Sydney, Australia with two years of Teacher training. She also has 3 years of coursework towards a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computing degree at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. 2 years of Client-based computer training throughout the East Coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne), Malaysia and Singapore as well as 20 years experience teaching children's catechism/religion classes (Catechism and Junior Legion of Mary).

Maryanne Lukomski

Rebecca graduated High School with over a 4.0 average. She is highly motivated and currently enrolled as a  Pre-Med student at Oakland University. Rebecca loves to challenge herself and brings that drive and focus into her classrooms. She loves science, and hopes to one day become a Medical Doctor, with a focus in Oncology. She enjoys teaching science to children in a way they can understand and with a passion for helping them to see the beauty of it!

Rebecca Milan

Alex is a professional puppeteer and stop-motion animator. He has been touring the midwest for the past 6 years performing and teaching puppetry. Alex earned his BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2009, and worked on several Cartoon Network television shows, films, and commercials animating and building puppets in Los Angeles. He moved back home to Michigan and started his own company “Alex Thomas and Friends” with his wife Jessica in 2012.

Alex Thomas

Jessica received her BS in Education from Wayne State University in 2009 and taught middle school mathematics for 5 years. She also has experience working with children with special needs and autism from her experience working at Penrickton Center for Blind Children. Jessica and her husband Alex, started their own company “Alex Thomas and Friends” in 2012 and have been teaching animation, puppetry, special effects, and more to youth and teens across the midwest.

Jessica Thomas
Brandon Wright
Owner of Rising Phoenix Archery

Brandon founded RPA in 2011 as a way to expand the sport of archery. Through this venture he has been able to give thousands of people the opportunity to learn and experience the sport of archery. He has completed his exams for his Level 4 NTS Coaching Certification where he had to demonstrate his understanding of the sport of archery directly to the Head Coach of the US Olympic Archery Team. There are currently around 200 Level 4 coaches in the world today. He plans to begin working with the National and International teams for the United States later this year. As an archer, he is the two time Michigan Indoor State Champion and will be defending his title the 1st weekend of February 2018. Archery is his passion and he hopes to spread a little more of that around to all of you.

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