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Families have the option to enroll as:​
  • District Funded (can only enroll before 1st semester begins)

  • Self-Pay (family pays out-of-pocket)

  • Combination of District Funded & Self-Pay



  • No tuition fees

  • $75 Welcome Package Fee per student/year for onsite students


  • $75 Welcome Package Fee per student/year

  • $240-$1500 per class/semester tuition

  • Plus material fees (for some classes)

We are partnered with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) for funding of our partnership classes. 

For additional information on the OVA program please contact: Mary Dean at

FALL 2023 / SPRING 2024:


  • Location - Former Ewell Elementary School: 51041 Shelby Rd., Shelby Charter Township, MI 48316

  • Off-site Partners - Karate, Greg Grant SportsPlex (basketball, volleyball, soccer), Music Maker

  • Funded Class Allotments -  5 Part-Time funded classes per student/semester; 6 Full-Time funded classes per student/semester

  • Study Hall (Friday Elective Gap-Hour) Fee (Maximum of 1 hour between classes) - $50 per hour/semester



  • Part-Time/Homeschool Status Students K-12th grade: Up to 5 funded classes per student (each semester)

    • Each student must enroll in at least 4 classes each semester

  • Full-Time Students K-12th: Up to 6 funded classes per semester (4 core and 2 electives)

    • Minimum of 1 onsite class 

    • Only off-site class   (If no other family member is attending classes onsite, then the "Waived Service Hour Fee" of $150 will be charged; families are free to sign-up for service hours to avoid this fee if desired)


FUNDED CLASSES: Students taking a Full-Schedule (5 elective classes) will get priority enrollment.

  • Part-Time Student Breakdown:

    • 4 onsite funded classes + Welcome Package fee $75 per student/year

      • Below discount only applies after 5 funded onsite classes are added to student schedule.

    • 6th onsite class will be charged at $150 and replace cheapest classes in schedule. 

    • Offsite classes do not receive a reduced rate due to the higher expense of running these classes.




ALL Self-Pay students, with onsite classes, will be required to pay a $75 Welcome Package fee/year.

  • Self-Pay Student Breakdown - 4 class minimum per student

    • 4 onsite classes at full tuition rate + any number of offsite classes at full tuition rate 

    • 5-6 onsite classes charged at $175 each + any number of offsite classes at full tuition rate. 



Due to the complexity of split district funding, which allows for only 4 funded classes BETWEEN the 2 districts, Quo Vadis can only fund a maximum of 2 classes. This will only be allowed after registration confirmation from the 2nd district is provided. The 3rd and 4th class required at Quo Vadis partnership MUST be Self-Pay at the full-tuition rate. 

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