Quo Vadis is a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you going?"

 A fitting question for our homeschooling journey. One you may not realize you are already asking yourself as it pertains to your children's education.

What is the best program?

Where can I get help with my child's High School classes?

How can I afford college?

What classes are available for my children?

​At Quo Vadis, we have an answer!

"What does Quo Vadis mean anyway?"




Look here to find important dates for Informational Meetings, Registrations, Classes, Field Trips and Service Projects.



Our instructors are experts in their field, paid professionals, and devoted educators who take your child's education seriously. 

Get to know them by reading their bio's.

The Adventure Begins



Small classes and caring instructors open the gates of education for our students with hands-on, interactive courses that enhance the learning experience.


We highly recommend Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) for funding of our partnership classes.

OVA focuses on the needs of each child, individually, to help ensure a positive learning environment for optimal growth and success.

For additional information on the OVA program please contact: Laura Farwell





  Quo Vadis is a homeschooling partnership offering dynamic and engaging classes for your student.   Our teachers are experts in their field. Combine that with a supportive staff and dedicated families and you have an environment where your child can learn and succeed!


  This program was developed for families looking for a fun, educational environment where families can take advantage of fully-funded classes. Parents are not required to teach and most have the option to drop-off their students for classes or can stay and socialize with other homeschooling parents.